It’s illegal to wear clothes here!
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Can’t decide what clothes to pack for your holiday? We’re all familiar with the dilemma of which of one’s favourite outfits to carry and which to ditch! Here’s an idea: travel to these places and you won’t need to pack any clothes at all!

That’s right. These three places in the world have.. wait for it.. banned clothes! Well almost, unless you want to play spoilsport and stand out like a sore thumb!

  1. Onsen Baths, Japan: These hot spring baths are addictive, but they come with a condition: strictly no clothes allowed, not even a towel! But if you thought that was a bit much, here’s more news for you: most of them are unisex (mixed) baths!
  2. Munich, Germany: Nudity isn’t compulsory in this part of Germany, but it is officially legal! So you can roam around six zones in the city butt-naked and no one will mind! And the list includes not just the beach (which is still understandable), but also parks (the Englischer Garten, for example).
  3. Cap d’Agde, France: This is a naturist’s paradise! In the entire city, clothing is optional. And the locals aren’t too big on weighing the body down with clothes either! Only, the “nothing to wear” excuse when getting late will never qualify in these parts!

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