I’m Missin’ it! McDonald’s outlets to close in Delhi
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The clown with red hair and yellow outfit will no more be there to greet you when you crave for burgers and fries. For McDonald‘s lovers of Delhi, the closing of 43 out 55 outlets of the global burger joint is a sad news. The news comes as a result of expiration of the Eating House Licenses of specific restaurants.

Here is a quick look at what the Delhiites are going to miss

1. The burgers

From Mc Veggie to Chicken Maharaja Mac, the burgers have been everyone’s favourite.

2. McBreakfast

Hash Browns, Hot cakes and McMuffins have been luring customers everyday.

3. French Fries

With their red packing and ‘M’ written on it, french fries have been the perfect side to all the meals.

4. Happy Meal Toys

Favourite superheroes with favourite snacks have been all time favourite of kids.

Let’s hope the temporary suspension of operations does not make the Delhiites wait for long.

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