Most Instagrammed hubs of 2017
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Uploading images of places you visit on Instagram is becoming a trend these days. According to Instagram some of the most popular hashtags of 2017 are #travel, #nature, and #travelphotography

There are certain cities around the globe which have become the most Instagrammed locations around the world.

1. New York

Credit : Travelling Moods

The place has topped the list for the second year in a row. Manhattan and its tourist hubs such as Times Square, the second-most ‘grammed location in the world, and Central Park, the third have continued to be the favourites of the people. The Brooklyn Bridge often finds its place in the list.

2. Moscow

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Red Square and the architecture & colours of the St. Basil’s Basilica make for an amazing background for a wonderful click.

3. London

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Credit: The Dino Zone

Art galleries, historic sites, and museums of London are most photographed places. The places that made to the top ten list of most ‘grammed museums in the world are the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Natural History Museum.

4.São Paulo

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São Paulo in Brazil where people are reviving the neighbourhood with their artistic skills has also found a place in the list.


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One cannot get enough of Paris during a visit to France. The scenic walkaway along the Seine and the Eiffel Tower are a hub of tourists.