Why iPhone X Should be Your Next Phone
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On the tenth anniversary of iPhone, Apple rolls out three new devices—and hopes consumers won’t mind the hefty price tag.

US-based technology company, Apple, on Tuesday, unveiled a new smartwatch, an Apple TV and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. However, the showstopper was a premium device called iPhone X. The iPhone X price starts at $999. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook boasted that this is the ‘biggest leap forward since the original iPhone’.

“The first iPhone revolutionised a decade of technology and changed the world in the process,” Cook said on stage. “Now, ten years later, it is only fitting that we are here in this place on this day to reveal a product that will set the path for technology for the next decade,” he said.

Here are 8 things you need to know about the new iPhone X:

  1. To begin with, the new iPhone is pronounced ‘ten’ and not X, as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone.
  2. The iPhone X will have glass on both the front and the back, creating what Apple calls an ‘all-glass design’. In case you’re worried about that glass breaking, Apple stresses that the glass is ‘the most durable’ ever used in a smartphone.
  3. It has an end-to-end display which means that the front of the phone is all screen. The display covers the full face of the device, with the exception of a small sliver at the top for the camera. The screen measures 5.8-inches diagonally.
  4. The new phone doesn’t have a home screen button. Instead, all you need to do to return to the home screen is by swiping up from the bottom. Same can be done to toggle between apps.
  5. You have witness mobile devices being unlocked using passwords, codes, patterns and even with your fingerprint, but X offers something different: the ability to unlock the device by scanning and recognising your face.
  6. An all new Animoji feature that lets you send animated versions of the popular emoji found on the iPhone to your friends, family and everyone else. Animoji will use the Face ID hardware face-scanning features of the iPhone X to create custom 3D versions based on your own facial expressions.
  7. Apple says the iPhone X will have two hours more battery life than the iPhone 7.
  8. While iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will go on sale in September, the iPhone X won’t be available for pre-order until October 27. It is expected to begin shipping by November 3.