Jaden Smith in Bollywood? Here’s a teaser from Twitterati
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Jaden Smith tweeted out his desire to work in a Bollywood movie. Twitterati was quick to give him the meatiest roles and his own line of posters. Check them out.

The talented young Hollywood actor and son of superstar Will Smith, Jaden Smith yesterday revealed that he wants to be in a Bollywood movie. The Karate Kid star tweeted out the same:

Jaden isn’t first Hollywood actor o have a fascination for our very vibrant movie industry, what with stalwarts like Sylvester Stallone and popular names such as Denise Richards having already answered the desi call.

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But that’s not even the fun part. As soon as Jaden tweeted his interest to be in a Bollywood movie, Twitterati went berserk. within hours we were treated to a series of redone classic Hindi film posters starring Jaden Smith on the most iconic movie posters.

Check out some of the tweets that will make you roll on the floor and laugh out loud:

Jaden Smith