Khadi wool joins the list of new Indian fabrics
Khadi wool joins the list of new Indian fabrics

Designers and textile brands have, for the past few years, been trying to popularize khadi fabric like never before. And in what can be considered as a pathbreaker, fabric brand Raymond, in association with The Woolmark Company has developed a new textile called the Khadi Wool. A first-of-its-kind collection, this exquisite range of pure wool and wool-blended fabric, offers some of the most intricate designs catering to a wide range of customers.

The Woolmark Company

 The textile company is currently working with over 20 clusters in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and J&K to develop its designs in pure merino wool and blended wool collections. As a part of the design intervention in more than 100 khadi clusters, the company also provides technical expertise to artisans to enhance the product quality.
Khadi Wool showcase

According to Arti Gudal, country manager of The Woolmark Company, “We aim to strengthen the merino wool’s position as a luxurious and versatile fibre in the market. Our collaboration with the fabric brand arises from the mutual belief we share on constant fabric innovation. The khadi wool collection demonstrates cutting-edge innovation, comfort and is also a part of our ‘Grown in Australia, Made in India’ effort to successfully explore the wool’s infinite potential in India.”

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