Kiki Challenge is a big ‘No’ from Mumbai Police
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Kiki Challenge is a big 'No' from Mumbai Police

Click on any Social Media link and you will either see a news on Kiki challenge or a new video. The Kiki/Shiggy or In My Feelings Challenge has taken over both Social Media and the world by storm. The dance-based challenge may have been received very well by the youth but Mumbai Police has recently disapproved of this rage in an official statement.

Kiki Challenge is a dance-based challenge where people dance to the tunes of Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’. No, it is not as simple as it sounds. They have to dance on the soundtrack but with a moving car. The Mumbai Police has officially disapproved of this challenge. They say it is risky. A recent post shared on Mumbai Police’s official Twitter handle issued a warning to youth to abstain from taking the challenge due to its implications.

Mumbai Police said the challenge is risky as the dancer has to sit inside a car and then at a slower speed has to get out and dance and then get back in the car again. It is not as simple as it seems because the challenge is going wrong for many. While some people fell off the car while some could not keep up with the speed.

However, the video used to show how the challenge is going wrong for people is actually a video by Harsh Beniwal who is famous for making humorous videos. It is simply a case of faking a ‘Kiki Challenge gone wrong’.

Lead Image Courtesy: India Today

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