Did you know Airports give away all this for free?!
  • Story Crux Team

Long layovers can be extremely tedious, especially if you have browsed through the entire airport, and now have to spend the next few hours just twiddling your thumbs! Thankfully, some airports have decided to not let these in-transit hours play spoilsport and offer a number of facilities to keep you occupied and entertained…for free! Waiting at airport lounges will never be the same again. Read on to know more and thank us later!

1. Local excursions

In-transit doesn’t mean you have to be holed up inside the airport. Some airports realise the need to get some fresh air before embarking on another long flight and offer passengers various guided tours within the cities… for free! The Doha International Airport, in the UAE, Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea, Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey and many more organise such tours, with different itineraries to suit everyone. And you don’t even have to be a visa holder to be considered!

2. Film screenings

Offering free wifi is passe…airports have taken entertainment a notch higher and are now holding free screenings for passengers in transit. At the Changi Airport in Singapore, for instance, there are movie theatres in Terminals 2 and 3 playing films across genres 24 hours a day! Even Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport in Minnesota, USA has a theatre near gate C18 that functions all day and screens art house films.

3. Yoga classes

That’s right. Airports across the world are helping their passengers de-stress and unwind with free yoga classes between flights. At the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, like a number of airports throughout the US, there is a full-fledged yoga studio. At Terminal D, the space is equipped with yoga mats and a TV playing instructional DVDs on loop. Even Gatwick Airport in the UK and the Santiago International Airport in Chile offer such facilities free-of-charge.

4. Library

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has a proper airport library where passengers have free access to a collection of books, translated in about 30 languages, along with other paraphernalia such as photo shows and videos. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport also boasts reading areas with books, magazines and more. Passengers can sit and read here, or even take books to the flight…with no obligation to return them! Many airports also have QR codes that passengers can scan to get access to free e-libraries.