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Five drinks to Jump Start Your Metabolism

Are you burning it out in the gym? Closely measuring those calories in your diet? Jogging vigorously in the park and yet your weight refuses to drop! Don’t loose heart, the chances are that it’s your adamant metabolism that is playing spoilsport but the right drink can jump start the weight losing process and make the metabolism clock tick.

1. Water

There is a reason why water is considered the elixir of life. The known fact is that it saves you from dehydration, but the lesser known fact is that it also boosts your metabolism in addition to giving a glow to your skin. According to health experts, if you don’t have at least 4 litres of water every day, your body is dehydrated which in turn slows down your body’s metabolism and leads to calorie accumulation. So, drink lots and lots of water and you’ll spot the difference yourself.

2. Apple Cinnamon Water

If the idea of consuming copious amounts of regular water doesn’t excite you as water is tasteless on the palette, our recommendation is to try the Apple Cinnamon Water instead. the fruit is full of fiber and brimful with antioxidants which help in detoxifying your body. This drink works best post a rigorous workout session. All you need to do is cut the apple into slices and dip it into a jar full of regular water and add a single cinnamon stick to it. There, some flavour for your palette while it boosts your metabolism.

3. Watermelon Juice

Your second alternative for regular water is watermelon juice. It is filling, low on calories and also delicious on your palate. The wonder fruit has everything going for it and more – it detoxifies the body, is a rich source of fiber and helps lose excess weight.

4. Spinach Juice with a hint of Cilantro

We have been hearing from our elders and doctors forever, Eating green vegetables is the secret to a healthy lifestyle”. But boosting your metabolism requires specific leafy greens. Spinach is the one that tops the list. Full of nutrients, it gives your body the necessary energy boost while maintaining the sugar content. It is low on calories which makes it perfect for weight loss. However, experts recommend that instead of making spinach juice, make it into a smoothie with a blend of spinach and cilantro as a smoothie retains fiber in the drink, essential for weight loss.

5. Carrot, Apple Juice and Beet Root blend

You can’t talk about metabolism boosting food and not include beetroot. While popular for purifying the blood in your body, it also helps build stamina. However, with carrots and apples, it boosts the body’s metabolism like Iron Man – making it easier to get rid of the stubborn weight lurking around attention-seeking areas of the body.

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