London’s most murderous spots now on a map
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most murderous spots

Fans of detective stories can now sink their teeth into a whole new London travel experience. A new interactive map, produced by the Institute of Criminology at Cambridge University with information on each murder that took place in early Medieval England, was launched recently. Travellers with an interest in the macabre can now take a virtual murder tour and explore the most violent hotspots in the history of London.

From daring heists in cathedrals gone wrong to fatal public duels to serial killers,the map plots everything. It covers about one square mile of London and focuses on public records (sourced from the coroner’s office and legal courts) within the time period 1300-1340. Within that time, 142 recorded murders occurred. The map also has clickable markers that reveal the date and circumstance of each murder, as well as information about the victim and convicted felons. The University’s criminology students and teachers have also analysed each murder and written down interesting nuggets to give you a peek into the murderer’s mind.



They found that knives were the weapon of choice in 56% of killings. Next came a staff (19%), followed by a sword (12%). The idea is to keep continuing the research over the next few decades and adding to the map. The researchers hope that by analysing more such cases, they can see clearer patterns that will help them profile and eventually catch murderers in the current century.

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