Looper Lauds Vidyut Jammwal
Looper Lauds Vidyut Jammwal

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Recently, the pop website released an article about 6 martial artists they believe are under-discovered and the world should definitely know more about.

Five of the names on that list were Sam Hargrave, Ilram Choi, Scott Adkins, Marko Zaror, and Lateef Crowder. The sixth name proved to be a moment of pride for India, it was none other than Vidyut Jammwal.

Jammwal has been a ardent practitioner of the Keral martial art Kalaripayattu for more than three decades. The art involves many fighting skills, from punishing strikes to limb-destroying holds and locks. Kalaripayattu also teaches healing techniques like ayurvedic massages and energy point healing therapy.

Looper Lauds Vidyut Jammwal

Jammwal got his first break with the movie Commando (2013) where he showed of his martial skills as he directed and choreographed all his stunts including actions like felling opponents with tree-assisted 720 spin kicks, stealing someone’s belt mid-combo just to backhand them with it, and backflip kicking a lampshade straight into someone’s face. Following the film, the martial artist was featured as PETA’s choice for sexiest vegetarian in 2014.

When he found out about the honour bestowed on him by Looper, Jammwal was a display of grace and humility, “Honours like this help me give back to the community of Kalaripayattu to which I owe my life and all this success,” said Jammwal.

Fans will now get to see the hunk performing more stunts under Kalaripayattu in his upcoming film Junglee which will release sometime in 2019.

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