Mahindra brings a convertible SUV!
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Auto Expo 2018

Fancy driving a convertible? Nothing beats the wind-in-the-hair feeling such a vehicle gives. But what when you come across a rough patch of road? At the Auto Expo 2018, Mahindra presented a rather unconventional, and possibly the only complete, solution to this quandary – a convertible SUV!


Based on the TUV300, the two-door open-top Mahindra Stinger is quite a looker! Its spare wheel is mounted on the tailgate behind the rear seats, which are not as spacious as you would imagine. It is a sub-four-metre vehicle, but Mahindra’s designers have managed to ensure that despite the original’s boxy looks, this concept looks quite good.

The Stinger is still a concept, so don’t go queuing up at Mahindra’s dealers to book it!

Auto Expo 2018 concept convertible Mahindra Stinger SUV