Make Way For These Short Stopovers?
  • Story Crux Team
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Scenic destinations that can be explored in just a little time in hand.

Unplanned trips? Stopovers? Wish to explore? Worry not! Listed below are a few scenic destinations that can be explored in as little as a night’s stay.


This capital of Sweden is a picturesque archipelago. You will find everything from beautiful architecture, art, fashion, restaurants to cultural experiences. The charm of cobblestone streets will charm you with vibrant nightclubs and restaurants. Make sure you dig into some lip-smacking Swedish Cardamom rolls called kardemummabullar which are easily available at bakeries across the city.


A famed wine growing region is France’s most exciting and buzzing city. If you are here, a visit to the vineyards for a wine tasting session is must. The city has got the most graceful streets, which offers tasteful food. One can visit the museums, galleries and historical monuments. Celebrate food and wine by indulging in rich and trendy food scene at some of the best Michelin starred restaurants that this city boasts of in the world. Spring is a lovely weather to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.


The pulse of this German city beats all year round and will never bore you for it has lot to offer. It gives a treat of beautiful and aesthetic landscape that includes forests, gardens and parks. Dresden has cultural history, art galleries and lot of opera houses. The architecture of the churches, palaces and museums will woo you. The city will give you variety of options for sightseeing.


The city in Quebec has emerged from being a village to a metropolis. Old Montreal’s Parisian-style streets are amazing ones to wander. A city that offers a vibrant club and dining scene. It has old-fashioned elegance and modern buzz. Visit the bistros and sidewalk cafes for the taste of Europe. You can enjoy art, festivals and good food in this photogenic city that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with its breathtaking charm. Enjoy a cycle tour of the city to feel it the best.

So, plan your stopovers carefully as these destinations will never disappoint you!