A man cycled from India to Sweden to reunite with his wife
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India to Sweden

PK Mahanandia an artist hailing from a small village in Odisha cycled 3,600 Km from Delhi to Sweden across eight countries and taking almost five months to be reunited with his wife Charlotte Von Schedvin.

Odisha cycled

Credit: Times of India

This isn’t a Bollywood movie but a real story that inspires hope and courage. Their story started with a meeting in Delhi in 1975, when Von Schedvin asked Mahanandia to paint her portrait. It was love at first sight. They spent a month together during which they got married but Von Schedvin had to return to her home in Boras, Sweden after that.

Von Schedvin

Credit: womenpla.ent5

Mahanandia had made up his mind to see his wife at any cost, so he sold all his belongings to buy a bicycle, packed a pair of spare cloths and with just 80 dollars in his pocket, he set off on his epic journey to meet the love of his life.

National Geographic

Credit: National Geographic

Luckily those days not many countries required visa for travelling and so in order to pass the borders he would sketch the guards portrait. In the course of journey his bicycle broke down several times and he spent days without food and water, but after almost five months he made it to the Swedish border, where he was stopped by Swedish officers, who were amazed to see an Indian man cycling all the way from India.

Hindustan Times

Credit: Hindustan Times

Today, they are happily married and Dr Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia is working as an Adviser, Art and Culture under the Swedish government. The Swedish government even made a documentary to immortalise their love story.