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Abdul Qavi Desnavi

A temporary alteration of the Google logo, today, honours Urdu author Abdul Qavi Desnavi.

Google is known for its innovative doodles that celebrate several noted artists and scientists on their birthday. Today, on November 1, it celebrates the 87th birthday of Abdul Qavi Desnavi. But who is Abdul Qavi Desnavi?

An influential figure in Urdu literature who mentored prominent figures like Javed Akhtar and Iqbal Masood, Desnavi is a renowned poet, author and biographer who has an array of books to his credit.

He was the head of the Urdu department at Bhopal’s Saifi College and a well known critic. Desnavi also played a very important role in the evolution of Urdu literature in India. He is commonly known for his book Hayat-e-Abdul Kalam Azad (2000)which talks about the life of the front-line leader of Indian freedom, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.


He bagged various literary awards during his writing career that roughly covered a time-span of five decades. His prominent works include Sat Tahriren, Talash-e-Azad, Motala-e-Khotoot Ghalib, amongst many others.

The doodle that showcases Desnavi working on an Urdu script is crafted by Prabha Mallya, a guest Google Doodler.

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