May your happiness increase like Metro Price
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Delhi Metro Fare Hike Today

“Can I use profanity? I can’t? Then I have nothing better to say!”

As the twitteratis woke up to the news of increased metro price and the costlier-than-ever passenger fare structure, it was no longer a secret that it was not just the Aam Aadmi Party that decided to unleash their demons on centre’s “conspiracy”, even the proactive ‘aam admi’s were quick to voice their protest.

I guess what Modi government meant by growth in GDP was, growth in G-Gas, D-Diesel and Dollar and P-Petrol prices. And he definitely kept his promise. We cannot really blame him, can we?

Why spend Rs 60 to travel in a crowded metro and go places you never wanted to go in the first place (like your office), when you can pay Rs 80 for a bottle of beer and forget about the price hike instead? Jhoomna or Ghoomna, decision is yours!

As always, the members of the Aam Admi Party were the first ones to hop on the price-hike express and to blast the ‘conspiracy bomb’. Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, says that the price hike is being deliberately done to benefit private taxi companies like Uber and Ola.

This Mental Health Day, let’s pray to God that we don’t get any more shocks from our government in the near future. Amen!

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