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Toilet: Ek Shitty Katha!

It certainly sounds weird and funny! But, Swapnil Chaturvedi is the official ambassador of Poop!

The Chief Toilet Cleaner, Swapnil Chaturvedi aka The Poop Guy, hands over his visiting card with a proud smile on his face. His LinkedIn handle describes him as somebody who “Loves SHIT”. SO we decided to get to the roots of this NRI Software Engineer turned poop expert’s career.

And what did we find? Poop! Loads and loads of it. Poop on the road, poop in the street, poop in other piles of poop…POOP EVERYWHERE.

Here’s how the story goes:

Long before our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi came up with the novel idea of Swacch Bharat campaign, somebody with an OCD for cleanliness decided to quit his job as a software engineer in the US and took to the slums of India to provide awesome toilet services under the banner of Samagra Sanitation.

With an aim to understand the lives of people living in slums, The Poop-Man decided to hit the street. He stayed in a slum for a period of six months. Things we do to make SHIT happen!

Since buildings toilets did not prove to be a viable solution to meets the needs of our nature-friendly slum dwellers, he came up with the “Loo Reward” solution. It promoted hygienic habits in the slum-dwelling poor masses. They were motivated to pay a meagre monthly sum for using these community toilets and in return they got discounts in local shops and other benefits.

Samagra also provides doorstep banking services that help people to save money along with insurance coverage to people who choose to use community toilets.

They currently provide sanitation services to over 150,000+ daily users across 150+ locations.

Toilet: Ek Shitty Katha!

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