Meet the ‘World’s Hottest Nurse’, Lauren Drain
Sexy Nurse

A bikini model, best-selling author and a certified personal trainer, this 31-year-old nurse has amassed more than 3.7 million followers on Instagram (@laurendrainfit).

With a body that could make you drool, Drain is all about hard work and not genetics. Lauren has been a part of the healthcare industry since the age of 16 and has also been a cardiac registered nurse for over 8 years. She is definitely not just a model a pretty face.

Sexy Nurse

But her pictures are a proof that she is not the kind of nurse that we are used to seeing. And here’s a photographic evidence of how breathtaking this Instagram celebrity is!

Hot Nurse

Being a part of the healthcare industry, she wanted to become a role-model for everyone by turning into a strong, confident, healthy woman. She even started her own website where she shares healthcare tips and helps others to reach their true potential.

hot and Sexy nurse

Lauren is a living example of how a little tweak in your lifestyle could do wonders for you!
A keen traveller and adrenaline junky, Drain’s Instagram account is a collation of breathtaking photographs of the stunning beauty who leads a triple-life of a nurse, bikini model and personal trainer.

Hot nurse

Sexy Nurse

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