Mesmerising Fire Dragon Dance
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Dragon Dance

On the cold midnight of October, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance Parade extends to Victoria Park during the annual Autumn Lantern Carnival. The Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance has been inscribed onto the third national list of intangible cultural heritage and is truly a national treasure. If you have a chance to witness it, don’t miss it!

Fire Dragon Dance


The fire dance all started some 100 years ago, first the typhoons destroyed the village and then it was followed by a plague and finally a python ate the villagers livestock. The villagers then decided to stop this chaos by following the soothsayer decreed and the only way to do it was to stage a fire dance for three days and nights during the festival that was upcoming. The villagers then designed a massive dragon made of straw and covered it with lit incense sticks. Then accompanied by erupting firecrackers and drummers, they did what they were instructed and danced for three days and three nights and the plague disappeared.

Tai Hang Dragon

Credit: Discover Hong Kong

Dragon Festival

Credit: Discover Hong Kong

The village may no longer exist, but the locals still recreate this ritual to this day with a whooping dragon! The commemorative performance wends its way in fire, smoke and festive fury through the backstreets of Tai Hang.


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