Mesmerising Glass Beach in California
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Have you ever imagined the city dump being a place of tourist attraction? It is true for the Glass Beach in California.

Glass Beach

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Glass Beach near Fort Bragg, in northern California, is the result of the power of nature to transform trash into beautiful sight. The residents of Fort Bragg in California discarded their waste in a water dump site. An earthquake in 1906 devastated San Francisco and also decimated Fort Bragg. After that disaster the refuse was dumped into the ocean forming the city dump.

Glass Beach near Fort Bragg


There are actually three glass beaches in the region. The first site was established in 1906 and was referred to as ‘The Dumps’. It was filled in 1943. The dumping in the second site began in 1949. This is the main area¬†in the boundaries of MacKerricher State Park¬†and is known as Glass Beach.

MacKerricher State Park

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You might find a piece of rare ruby glass or precious blue sapphire. So, visit the beach and grab your share of beautiful glass pieces.

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