MeToo: Celebrities lending support to the movement
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Miles to go before we sleep!

A wise man once said: Never invite the wrath of a woman, she will find you and she will kill you. Rightfully so! Harvey Weinstein, the man behind the newly emergent trend of #MeToo has gone hiding in Arizona after his alleged sexual harassment and assault of a dozen women that sparked a wild fire on social media with thousands of women sharing their sexual abuse stories.

It must be a software glitch, I imagined, that my phone displayed nothing but “Me Too” as I scrolled past endless number of posts on my social media profile on Monday. But where exactly is the Star of the show? He must have probably gone to seek counselling for his supposed sex addiction.

A hashtag that garnered over half a million tweets and over 6 million users talking about it on Facebook, social media is abuzz with #MeToo.

Here’s a list of all the celebrities who dared to be vulnerable like all of us:

Lady Gaga keeps it short and crisp

The comedy star: Mallika Dua on Twitter

Najwa Zebian: Author and poet of Mind Platter and Nectar of Pain

Even men don’t hold back to show their support for the cause

American stand-up comedian Barry Crimmins tweets