Monkey Menace No More
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Monkey Stle

Delhi monkeys to be labelled soon.

Safe tattoos, unique IDs and a group-identification mark is the one-stop solution that Delhi High Court has come up with, to deal with the menace of the snarling, menacing monkeys who wreck havoc in the capital city.

Monkey Menace
“Aadhar cards for monkeys. Bank account follow soon,” was the reaction.

Comments poured in after the news for sterilisation drives, followed by tagging of the monkeys with unique and permanent IDs was released.

High Court claims that the best possible solution to prevent the coming of age of ‘The Planet of Apes’ was through vaccination and laparoscopic surgical intervention to control their growing population and popularity in the city.

“Can court order sterilisation for humans too to control population,” added Dibyashree Dibrashree in a comment.

The plan doesn’t stop at merely stamping these mammals with tattoos akin to Russian prisoners, the expert team from Wildlife SOS also plans to establish a monkey hotline. “I know when this hotline bing; That can only mean one thing.”

Raiding fridges, snapping power lines and leading a thug life, the monkey menace has now plagued civil servants and army officers too. A report by reports that files containing top secret documents were found scattered on the corridors and power cables to computers containing sensitive data was snapped by monkeys in the South Block.

Since they were unable to track down these security-threatening creatures, unique-IDs for rhesus macaques will definitely help them to be specific about their complains in the future, if nothing else!

So, be ready Monkeys, you will be tagged soon!

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