Namib: Desert that meets the sea
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Desert that meets the sea

The world’s oldest desert in existence for almost 43 million years, is home to gravel plains and dunes of different shapes and sizes stretching along the coastline. The dunes here are mostly crescent -shaped and are considered to be the highest.

The world's oldest desert

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Namib is the the only desert where endemic plants and animals have evolved in virtually barren desert. It has a wide diversity of animals including elephants, rhinos, gemsbok and the black-faced impala. The fascinating species of Quiver Tree that cuts off its branches in times of drought to save loss of moisture through its leaves are also found here.


Credit: YouTube

elephants, rhinos, gemsbok


The well-kept secret of the desert is the diamonds which are the most important asset of the place. The area where the diamonds are found has been declared a prohibited area and is closed to public.