Why NASA is asking civilians for help
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Got a talent for photo editing? Here’s how you can help NASA out. Science geek or not, we bet the agency’s first raw images of Jupiter’s ‘Great Red Spot’ have fascinated you just as much as any Hollywood sci-fi magnum opus. This time, however, you’re actually getting a chance to engage with the images like never before. NASA is reaching out to civilians on Twitter to help them process the raw data gathered by Juno, their spacecraft that flew directly over the Great Red Spot on Monday!

The raw images uploaded on the JunoCam website ( can be downloaded, processed and uploaded by the public. NASA will then review the images they receive for accuracy and share them with the world.

The official guidelines state, “The types of image processing we’d love to see range from simply cropping an image to highlighting a particular atmospheric feature, as well as adding your own color enhancements, creating collages and adding advanced color reconstruction.”

On their official Tumblr page (, NASA have also shared “citizen-scientist processed images” from previous Juno orbits! Check out a few of them below:

Credit: Amelia Carolina Sparavigna-NASA (Public Domain)

Credit: Jason Major-NASA (Public Domain)

Credit: Sean Doran-NASA (Public Domain)

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