Naughty but Timeless, Nautical!

White and Navy, fun and chic is something which is evergreen and fresh every season. Think bold coloured stripes, high-waist sailor pants, anchors, ship’s wheel and you are all set to don the most stylish fashion avatar. From Kendall Jenner to Lottie Moss and Deepika Padukone to Katrina Kaif, nautical clothing has been everyone’s favourite.

Take a cue from various styling tips and rock the cool statement fashion this season.

1. Make it bright

Though white and navy are chic, it is always great to add tiny pop of colours to the outfit. Throw in some chic hues of red and black with the accessories you choose.


2. Stripes are not just for clothes

Go crazy with stripes to complete your look. Be it your hat, bag, belt or scarf, stripes look stylish in everything.


3. Add some shine

Brass and gold accents are perfect to support the nautical look. Make the statement style look perfect with sparkling necklace, shimmery belt or dainty buttons.


4. Think beyond stripes

Nautical fashion is more than just stripes. Add prints like anchors, chains, ship’s wheel and other nautical themed prints to your outfit.