The new definition to nail art
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Forget long drawn hours at the salon trying to get that snazzy nail art done. They had given way to several DIY techniques so that you can become your own nail-stylist, with just a few bottles of enamel and things you can find around the house such as transparent tape and glue. But now beauty brands are doing their bit to minimise even that effort by coming up with quirky nail polish options.

Take Nykaa for example. Their new range is called Cookie Crumble. Filled with matte black glitter, these nail enamels are minimal, classy yet have an adventurous edge to them. So go ahead, take your pick. We would love it if you decide to become either a Gooey Marshmallow or a Cherry Crunch. Or even a bright Strawberry Crinkle. You have seven quirky options to choose from.

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