No more Hush-Hush about Lingerie at Delhi Airport
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The Indira Gandhi International Airport is all set to reveal the lingerie vending machine in February next year. The steps have been taken by Radhika Goenka, who has started her own line of women’s innerwear — Lingerie Shop in Mumbai.

Bringing her line of women’s innerwear to Delhi, Goenka plans to take the taboo off lingerie shopping. “We have just launched our first vending machine at VAMA Departmental Store on Peddar Road, Mumbai, and are planning to launch the next one at the Delhi international airport by February 2018,” said Goenka.

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The machine at Delhi airport will offer lingerie from the first all-black collection Be Mine. “There is a stereotype attached with buying lingerie in public or even talking about it for that matter. The vending machine has been launched to change that perception. The Lingerie Shop vending machine is a small step towards revolutionising the Indian lingerie industry with intelligent innovation,” Goenka added.

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