OMG, how lazy we are!
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Indians are leading their way to obesity being one of the laziest countries in the world. As per a recent report, we rank at 39, out of 46 countries that were a part of this study.

Going to a nearby store? Let’s go in a car! Yes, we tend to drive to a store that is just a few metres away. Why? Too lazy to walk, or blame it to the weather! Given a choice, most Indians will opt to drive than walk, which makes us among the laziest countries in the world. Ranking 39, with people averaging just 4,297 steps a day.

According to a data, Indian women walk even less than men. Why? They like to talk more than walk. Ladies never-ending talks, you see!

Source: TOI report

On a funny note, we often have many excuses to walk even just a few steps in our day-to-day routine. Some of them being:

  • Can you please switch off the fan for me?
  • Let’s take a lift (even when you have just one floor to climb)
  • The advent of technology in the form of ‘smart homes’ when you have a switches and button and remotes for everything.

We wonder, with technologies like these, we hope not wait for robots or machines to make us walk or eat or even talk!

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