The one rupee note turns one hundred
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One Rupee Anniversery

Remember that little blue one rupee note your wallet – or your parents’, really – might have been home to many, many years ago? It’s celebrating its 100th birthday today! India’s smallest bank note, it was stopped being printed in 1994 by the government but brought back into circulation in 2015 – on public demand. Yes, public demand. And yet, no plans for celebration seem to be in place for this most significant addition to the auspicious Rs.101 you were going to stash in that shagun envelope and hand over to the bride and groom at the next wedding lined up this season.

Incidentally, this little blue note is also the only paper currency that features the signature of the secretary of finance, Government of India, and not the Governor of the RBI. Since its inception a century ago, it has witnessed all of 28 design modifications, and the 1917 version is still available with collectors for a price much higher than the solitary digit the currency note bears – Rs. 12,000-13,000!