Parker in Space to study Sun’s Atmosphere
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Delta IV Heavy, the most powerful rocket launched by the United Launch Alliance is up in the space to study sun’s atmosphere. The spacecraft was launched on Sunday morning and is bound for the Sun. The top of the rocket has NASA’s Parker Solar Probe that has embarked on the first ever mission into the Sun’s atmosphere – the corona.

The course of journey to the sun is seven years. During these years, Parker will perform seven flybys of Venus. It will use planet’s gravity to go faster and spiral in closer towards the centre of the Solar System.

As Parker will enter Sun’s corona, it will study the energetic particles in the region to solve the mysteries of the area. The area is about 300 times hotter than the surface of the Sun. It records a temperature of more than 3 million degrees Fahrenheit. The major aim of NASA is to understand how corona constantly breaks away from the Sun, flows outward and bathes the planet in the Solar System.

NASA Parker Spacecraft Sun