“Pehredaar Piya Ki” to take a time leap!

A time leap or a leap ahead of time? The much-discussed – even by those who have not seen it – Hindi TV show “Pehredaar Piya Ki”, in the news because of the central theme of an 18-year-old girl being married to a nine-year-old boy, is reportedly going to take a time leap of 12 years!

Under fire for the very idea of depicting a very young boy married to a just-about-adult girl, the brickbats for the show also included an online petition requesting a ban on the show. The channel was subsequently directed to shift the show to the 10 pm slot (from 8:30 pm), which is scheduled from August 22, 2017 onwards.

The makers of the show, though have seemingly gone a step ahead, announcing a 12-year time leap that would make the girl 30 years old and the boy, 21. This ought to douse the outrage as both characters would be adults! The makers have reportedly denied that the time leap is due to the age-related controversy, as it was supposedly already on the cards for later in the year.

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