Penalty Misses in the World Cup history
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A penalty kick may seem easy at the first glance, but these players certainly know the pressure and emotions attached with it!

The nation saw Lionel Messi missing a crucial penalty against Iceland recently. However, this player is not just the one who has been in this situation. When so much depends on this kick, we give you a low down on some of the most talked-about penalty misses on the football field.

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David Trezeguet – France vs Italy, 2006
The World Cup final of 2006 was decided on penalties when none of the teams were able to score. Nobody would have ever thought that David Trezeguet would be that football who had to face the brunt of it. Known to be one of the best strikers for Juventus, he had to level the score against Italy. However, he missed the penalty shot!

David Trezeguet

Michel Platini – France vs Brazil, 1986
Michel Platini has set several standards on the football field, and even played the 1986 World Cup with an injury. It was the quarter-final against Brazil that went to penalties. Platini had a chance to score in favour of France. But marking a day in the history of Football World Cup was this penalty miss by Platini. Even though his team won but that penalty miss remains to be one of the most-talked about penalty misses in the history of the game.

Michel Platini

Zico – Brazil vs France, 1986
It was a tie of 1-1 and it was Brazil that needed just one goal to win. Zico won a penalty and decided to go for the goal. Had Zico converted this penalty kick in to a goal, things could have changed radically.


Asamoah Gyan – Ghana vs Uruguay, 2010
The quarter-final in 2010 between Ghana and Uruguay was a match to remember. It was that time when Ghana was fighting for the spot to become the first African nation to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. The score was 1-1 and the African side got a penalty in the 120th minute. A pepped-up Gyan stepped up but missed on the penalty shot and Ghanaians succumbed, perhaps never quite recovering from Gyan’s miss.

Asamoah Gyan FIFA

Asamoah Gyan David Trezeguet Michel Platini Zico