A pet-friendly venture

With his dogged determination, young wildlife conservationist started ‘Hotel for Dogs’.

Shravan Krishnan, is a young enthusiast who grew up not watching cartoons or playing with other friends but learning how to conserve and rescue animals! Wow! What a guy? Read on…

From a wide range of snakes, wild cats, pangolins, monitor lizards to jackals, Shravan has rescued a lot of animals till date. Sounds scary! He came up with a pet-friendly venture, ‘Hotel for Dogs’, when his family went out for a trip and he was supposed to look after his pet dog.

What is Hotel for Dogs? Well, it is not a dining place, but a boarding house for dogs, which started in Chennai and later expanded to Bengaluru. Hotel for Dogs is a free place where the dogs can stay in safe, hygienic, climate-controlled, soundproofed kennels, enjoy a dip in the swimming pool, get pampered in the grooming parlour. It is a place where the dogs have ample space to move around and socialise.

So what about his animal rescue mission? Whatever revenue is earned from the boarding facility is used for the rescue work and fighting for animal rights.

Any future plans? Shravan wants to make Chennai, a safe city for animals and residents alike. Also, he hopes to contribute towards policy-related changes in future.

So, wishing him success for rescuing and rehabilitating animals in future!

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