Did Priyanka Chopra Just Make a World Record With the Number of Unread Emails?
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Priyanka Chopra Mails

Can you guess the guess the number of unread emails in Priyanka Chopra’s mail account? Is it 500? Is it 1,000? Is it 10,000? Click more to find out.

Producer and actor of the Song (2014), Alan Powell recently shocked the world when he revealed an image of actor Priyanka Chopra holding her phone with over 2.5 lakh unread emails. Her Quantico (TV Series) co-star, Powell, posted the image on Instagram while warning her fans that there is no point sending an email to Piggychops as she would probably never read it. The Mail app in the actor’s mobile phone is visible with 2,57,623 unread emails.

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