Rage of a Deceived Woman Forces Qatar Airways’ Flight into an Emergency Landing
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“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

An Iranian family on-board the Qatar Airways’ Doha-Bali flight caused such a commotion mid-flight that the no-stop-over flight was forced to take an emergency landing in Chennai, India.

The intoxicated woman who suspected her husband of cheating, discovered mid-air that her husband was cheating. Officials reported that she unlocked her sleep-induced husband’s phone by putting his finger on the scanner.


The woman, her husband and the child was offloaded from the flight as the inebriated woman mis-behaved with the crew. And the co-passengers who tried to pacify her became the target of her annoyance. A wise man once said: there are two ways to argue with a woman and neither works!


In a statement, an official from India’s Central Industrial Security Force official confirmed the incident.
“A lady along with her husband and a child, all Iranian nationals, were offloaded by Qatar Airline as the lady passenger (who was intoxicated) misbehaved with crew members in-flight,” the official said.

Unsurprisingly, the family boarded a flight to Kuala Lampur instead of Bali after the woman got sober.

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