Robbing World’s Richest Rank
  • Story Crux Team

July 27 was quite an eventful day for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. As the stock prices for the e-commerce website jumped, Bezos managed to dethrone longtime richest-guy-ever Microsoft-owner Bill Gates with an estimated wealth of $92 billion. However, his celebrations were cut short as the Amazon stocks plunge. Bezos’ fortune fell by more than $6 billion because Bezos owns 16% of Amazon shares, his wealth took a dip right along with it.

Meanwhile, In India, Febin Benjamin, a 25-year-old software engineer from Pune wrote to Amazon India on Facebook with a simple query, almost immediately after Bezos lost his world’s richest tag.

He wrote: “Hi Amazon, I ordered a product and immediately I got a news that Jeff Bezos became world’s richest person. And sometime later I changed my mind so I cancelled my order and then again I got a news that Jeff Bezos slipped to #2. Can you please check and let me know if it was my order cancellation that caused this entire sequence of events?”

Benjamin’s hilarious post has since gone viral with over 4,852 shares and over six thousand comments on Facebook. The post also got loads of hilarious responses. Since then, Benjamin has made a fresh post acknowledging the fact that his post went viral, but in his own style.

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