Robert Pattinson fired from Twilight . . . well, almost!

Could the Twilight movie series possibly be the same had Edward Cullen been played by anyone other than Robert Pattinson? Sacrilegious, you say? Well, that almost transpired a decade ago, at the very start of the series.

On a recent radio show, Pattinson revealed this interesting nugget, explaining how he was almost canned because he was a little too gloomy. “I was very serious. I thought at the time – I was 21 – if you were going into a relationship with someone, the way you could make it really intense was if you could barely talk to each other, you could barely touch each other, incredibly serious all the time,” he explained.

Fun fact: the producers went through the novel, pointing out the instances where Cullen was cheerful; Pattinson, though, got back at them by marking out “all the times he frowned!” Digging in his heels did not help, as he was almost dropped; ultimately, of course, a compromise was managed, and he now has a massive fan following.

So how do you think Twilight would have turned out if Cullen were more light-hearted?

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