Romance On Your Mind? Head To These Getaways!
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Visit some of the calm places in the country for a romantic holiday.

Are you tired of the city humdrum and home-office-home routine? Want some change of place and routine in a peaceful environment where you can spend quality time with your partner? Read on to know some of the exquisite places in India where no one will disturb you.

Haflong, Assam– Known for its valleys, mountains and overall beautiful landscape, Haflong offers amazing breathtaking views.


Badami Caves, Karnataka– The famous red sandstone caves are known for their rock cut architecture. Surrounded by a lake that gives an idyllic view, it is a secluded place. The caves have 4 temples inside for which it is popular. Head here and get some romantic clicks with your partner, which will be a testimony of a memorable vacation!


Chatpal, Kashmir– A hidden gem in Kashmir which is jaw dropping beautiful. If you love solitude then this is the place to be. In the lush green mountains, you will hear the sound an ever flowing stream, birds chirping and the tall pine trees.

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Idukki, Kerela– Since it is covered by wild forest, the greenery everywhere will leave you stunned for sure! The beauty of mist covered mountains and lakes will cast its spell on you to just fall in love with this place.


Nako, Himachal Pradesh– A virgin land, known for Nako Lake in the high altitude region. Serenity is what you will find here. It is one of the offbeat locations that can be explored in a day due to its compact size.


Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya– If you wish to seek solace amidst nature, this place has orchid flowers, bamboo bridges, rock formations, waterfalls and caves. Not frequented by many visitors, Laitmawsiang will offer you time to relax in the lap of nature away from the noise and routine.


So much of peace? Don’t think much, just pack your bags to one of these destinations for a break.

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