Salon Subscription Offers That Will Change Your Life
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Why spend money to buy a single product when you can pay for long-term services!

One of the biggest challenges faced by salon industry is to improve the average visit of customers to the salon. Changing fashion and gazillion options to choose from, is slowly transforming the customer and their expectations. With great changes, come great business models! Disruptive subscription models have, therefore, come has a happy solution to various salon chains. There are two seminal consumer expectations that fuel this shift. The two ‘S’s that will drive the future of salons are: Subsidisation and Standardisation.

Salon customers want to lay their hands on monthly maintenance services, but the biggest challenge they face is budgetary constraints. In today’s retail climate where customers get to compare prices and check reviews online, the biggest challenge faced by salon operators is to retain their customers who visit multiple salons in lieu of disruptive offers.

According to industry experts, women spend, on an average, almost Rs 12,000 to Rs 18,000 annually on salon expenses in Tier-1 cities. To make the best use of this thriving industry and to provide budget-friendly options to its loyal customers, Be U Salons came up with a disruptive subscription plan where customers can pay an annual sum of Rs 1,699 a year to redeem any service worth Rs 500 per month at any of their 85+ branches in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru.

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Imagine visiting a new salon every month and going through the painful drill of explaining your lifestyle and preferences to them. “Don’t make my eyebrows too thin”, “I have a sensitive skin, don’t use that product”, are some of the embarrassing dialogues we want to do away with. To avoid this, customers want to get access to quality products and centralised services that take care of all their needs without having to nail it into their head every month.

With 12 months of training and on-boarding system, Be U Salons ensures that their salon partners provide standardised services across their branches. Besides this, a stream of regular customers, owing to the yearly subscription model, ensures that its partner salons gets to forge a better relationship and understanding of their customer which further guarantees a standard service.

This revolutionary subscription model emphasises on long-term relationship with customers. This new business model will give multiple reasons for customers to visit a salon including budget-friendly packages where customers enjoy the liberty to choose from various services without creating a hole in their pocket.

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