Self(ie) destruction!
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There is a reason why the obsession with selfies is called a mental disorder! How else will you explain these pictures?! The photographs do look stunning and must give an indescribable adrenaline rush to the adventure-seeking subjects.. but looking at the composition, that’s honestly going a bit too far – both literally and figuratively! Here are five of the most bizarre selfies ever… trust us, just the pictures will make you dizzy!

Adventurer & explorer George Kourounis tweeted a picture of himself standing against an active volcano in the archipelago of Vanuatu in the South Pacific last month. He was wearing a protective suit, but red-hot lava just wouldn’t let us look past it! @georgekourounis wrote, “Volcano #selfie. When normal selfies are not extreme enough! (sic)”. True that…this was certainly an “extreme” selfie! It got 800 retweets and is now his display picture.

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Her description on Instagram aptly says, “No limit, no control”. See her pictures and you’ll know there is no limit, no control for sure. Angela Nikolau seems to have a fetish for risky pictures. She manages to find the most perilous of spots to take selfies! @angela_nikolau posted a picture on Instagram, proudly saying: “This picture with me the British recognized as the most dangerous Selfie in the World! (sic)” It was in Tianjin, China, where she is standing on a high rise. This one even makes the Eiffel Tower look dangerous! Look at the pose she decided to go for for the French Landmark. Our heart is in our mouth!

This one looks relatively less crazy, but crazy for sure! Lee Thompson, founder of the British adventure travel company, The Flash Pack, went to Rio and took this picture at the 124-foot-high Christ The Redeemer statue. It had apparently taken Thompson, who was helped by a small team, almost half an hour to reach the top. “As far as selfies go, I can’t compete with popes, presidents, and radical Russians, because as a photographer my job is to take the shots, not star in them. But when the opportunity arose to take the world’s first (and so far only) selfie with Jesus, I couldn’t resist (sic)” he later wrote on the Flash Pack website.

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Teens Ervin Punkar and Jüri Uluots may have gone even further… or higher! They scaled the 600 ft TV tower in Tartu, Estonia, to take these selfie. If you see his Instagram account, you can tell Ervin’s love for death-defying stunts. But in the selfie, it was Jüri who was the real daredevil – Ervin was atop the tower, while Jüri was hanging off it! Praising his pal, @Ervindfr Instagrammed, “When you’re up there, 1 step away from certain death, watching your best friend hang off this thing one handed and smile like its nothing, that is when you realie everything can dramatically change just in the blink of an eye…(sic)”. Realised that in all earnest and not just wrote that for effect, we hope!

This is another trio that takes stomach-churning selfies! Ivan, Kirill and Vasilisa love to get to the peaks of skyscrapers and take pictures hanging by their fingertips or standing on one leg! Check out the trio on a 420m tower in China. A distant shot of the group attempting the selfie is actually even scarier!