Shah Rukh Khan: The Global Icon

With #HappyBirthdaySRK trending on Twitter, let us re-visit what people across the globe have said about King Khan.

1. Penelope Cruz
 “I like Indian Films. I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. I want to work with him.”
Penelope Cruz
2. Kristen Stewart
 “I am a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan. He is truly an inspiration to me. He is charmer. He is the epitome to romance. He would be the one with whom I would love to do the second part of my movie Breaking Dawn.”
 Kristen Stewart

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3. James Cameron
 “Shah Rukh Khan is a global movie star. I’m more than happy to sign a poster for him, if he’ll sign a poster of My Name is Khan for me!”
James Cameron

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4. Hugh Jackman
“I can never dance like SRK. At this age, his energy is truly admirable.”

 Hugh Jackman

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5. Heather Graham
 “If I ever do a Bollywood debut that has to be with Shah Rukh Khan. Being his heroine is my dream!”
Heather Graham

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6. Leonardo Di Caprio
 “I am so happy to get my new project with Shah Rukh Khan. Starring in a movie with him will make me more popular than I am now!
 Leonardo Di Caprio

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7. Daniel Radcliffe
 “Shah Rukh Khan is sensational, I am a huge fan. I would love to one day be in a movie with him.”
Daniel Radcliffe

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8. Robert Pattinson
 “I like Shah Rukh Khan and DDLJ is the only Bollywood movie among my top favourite movies!”
Robert Pattinson

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9. Akon
 SRK is an incredible and amazing guy. The hospitality I have received here could not match anybody. He is a sweet person, a great soul.”

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