Shah Rukh Khan the new Spider Man?

Granted Shan Rukh Khan’s superpowers do not extend beyond an incredible ability to keep his fans charmed (!), but that has not stopped him from pulling a Spider-Man act on a bus and having it recorded too. King Khan posted a video of him hanging from a bus holder on the Twitter account of his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment.

And witty as he is, he very aptly captioned the video “Harry’s got the Spider-Man swag! ;)”
The text inset in the video reads “jab Harry met Spider Man”, in the light of his forthcoming movie Jab Harry Met Sejal with Anoushka Sharma.

Well, here’s hoping that this gives the new teenage Spider-Man-on-the-block – actor Tom Holland – a much-needed boost to his career.

Shah Rukh Khan Twitter