Shashi Tharoor’s back with another book!
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Why I Am a Hindu

Shashi Tharoor, politician and former diplomat, is pretty popular across social media. And why not? With his impeccable command of the English language and his regular doses of new, often unpronounceable words, into our collective vocabularies, he makes for interesting reading.

That is why the news of a new Tharoor book should make you stand up and take notice . . . and go pick up a copy! The book in question – Why I Am A Hindu – is a profound, comprehensive look at Hinduism, one of the world’s oldest religions. His study of the faith ranges far and wide: he talks about the great souls of Hinduism – Adi Shankara, Patanjali, Ramanuja, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and many others who made major contributions to the essence of Hinduism; he delves into different schools of thought; he breaks down concepts like the Purusharthas and Bhakti into simple, lucid language for wider consumption; and he summarises the lessons of Vivekananda and of the Gita. He also expresses his belief that it is this faith that is a key reason for India surviving as a plural, secular democracy.

So, bibliophile or not, go and get yourself a copy of Tharoor’s latest. Happy reading

Book name: Why I Am A Hindu

Published by: Aleph Book Company

No. of pages: 320

Price: ₹699

Shashi Tharoor Tharoor Why I Am a Hindu