Shudu, the Digital Supermodel has taken Internet by storm. Here’s How?
Digital Supermodel

Considered one of the most beautiful models, Shudu, the model behind the page @shudu.gram has become very famous on Instagram. After seeing the pictures you might be mistaken, but we must tell you that she is not real. She is actually a project from photographer Cameron James-Wilson.

With augmented reality and fashion fusing together at a rapid pace, we have come across various brands using virtual reality to provide a wonderful shopping experience to customers even while sitting at home. Shudu is one step forward in that race. Few weeks back we saw drones walking the ramp with Dolce & Gabbana handbags, virtual influencer Lil’ Miquela talking to her audience about the latest GIF sets from Prada in Milan and now we have Shudu taking the Internet by storm.

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You must be wondering, who is Shudu or to be more clear what is Shudu. Shudu is a project whose images are created by Cameron with minute details in about three days. These three days of hardwork on the computer does not include weeks of planning before the task is implemented.

“I’ve been inspired by quite a few people,” says Cameron of his initial conception for Shudu. “But her main inspiration is a South African Princess Barbie. Obviously, her real-life inspirations are pulled from so many different women — Lupita, Duckie Thot and Nykhor — even throwing it back to Alek Wek, who was a massive influence on how I saw beauty growing up,” adds Cameron.

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The images of Shudu on Instagram are being highly appreciated by the viewers. We even saw comments like, “God took his time on you.” Some photographers even sent her a DM to fix a shoot date with her. This testifies Cameron’s hardwork in 3D modelling.

Most people are unable to suspect that she is a CGI. Rihanna’s beauty brand Fenty even reposted an image of Shudu wearing the brand’s lipstick. The image has approximately 2,22,000 likes. For your information, the reposted image was created without Fenty’s involvement and at the suggestion of Cameron’s younger sister. Since the incident, Cameron has started responding to private messages to clarify that Shudu is an art project.

Cameron stated in an interview that most critical of all the comments on his art project have been by white women. I had dark skinned girls and women message me to say that they absolutely love the art that I’m doing,” says Cameron. “This is why I like to do interviews: to show people what’s behind it. This is not trying to take away from anyone but it is trying to add to the standard of beauty that’s being shifted to something much more inclusive.”

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When asked about what is the future of Shudu, Cameron clearly mentioned, “I don’t really see Shudu as a money spinner or a business for me. It’s more of an expression, and when I’ve had companies approach me, if what they want doesn’t reflect in what I see for her then it’s a no go. You know it doesn’t matter about the money or things like that. Because it’s not why I started Shudu. I started her for me, to express myself.”

For Cameron, it was difficult to create a CGI like Shudu due to lack of softwares. “Just the same as in many industries, the 3D world is sorely lacking ethnic diversity and black characters and assets are particularly rare,” he says. “There’s a push to shift this, and with the advancement of tech and 3D industries, we can expect a change. But it’s one thing that Shudu is contributing to in her own way. It wasn’t something intentional from the start, but now I’m very interested in helping to create the resources needed for game developers and 3D designers to make more diverse characters”.

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