Smartphone Sales: up to 22,000 off on the Best Phones
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Looking to flaunt a new, snazzy smartphone with the best features and the most bang for your buck? You could not have picked a better time – there are some amazing discounts on the newest phones on many of the popular e-commerce websites.

The rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) across India on July 1, 2017 is likely to make most smartphones dearer! Locally-manufactured devices, that make up more than three-quarters of the market, might lose the lower tax benefits they get for local manufacturing; imported ones, on the other hand, could possibly be slapped with additional basic customs duty on the import of finished mobile handsets.

So what do the e-commerce giants do? Offer some amazing deals to clear out their stocks, of course. Amazon was the first, with its smartphone sale where many phones were on offer for more than 25 per cent discounts – unbelievable! Paytm is also running its “Pre GST Sale” with more than 6,000 retailers on board, and some amazing deals.

Then, there is the latest entrant – Flipkart. With its “Own Your Dream Phone Sale”, there could be no better chance to pick up a high-end smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket! The ‘pure Android’ smartphone, Google’s Pixel, is selling for nearly 30 per cent off i.e. down by more than ₹15,000; even higher-end variants have substantial discounts. From Motorola, there is the high-end Moto Z with the Style Mod, which is available for ₹10,000 off its ₹39,000 price. And of course, the big daddy of them all – the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are selling at more than 26 per cent off their regular prices, and even lower capacity variants going for up to ₹22,000 off.

GST Mobile Online Shopping Sale