Some Sushi to go with the movie climax please?
Dynamite Roll

Sushi is the new popcorn. Yes, you heard us right! That’s the strategy at PVR that has recently launched ‘Simply Sushi’ at a standalone location in Select CITYWALK, Saket. Up for some lip-smacking sushi, anyone?

Till date, popcorn, nachos and burgers catered to your taste buds during a movie. But PVR brings about a surprising (read delectable) change to your entire experience at the theatre. Turns out, freshly hand-rolled sushi makes for great cinema hall grub.


Gone are the days when you would expect to have sushi at a fine dining space. Breaking stereotypes and changing perceptions, Simply Sushi serves you sushi in a casual setting. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another average joint attempting Asian fast food with wasabi squeezed out of a tube. The menu has been spearheaded by internationally renowned Chef Yutaka Saito, who understands the nuances of an Indian palate and has introduced innovative offerings on the menu. He has curated the entire menu under the guidance of Chef Mayank Tiwari, Group Executive Chef of PVR, who is a renowned chef.

“When it comes to food, we eat with our eyes first. This leads to a key emphasis on the technique used in preparation. Each item on the menu served at Simply Sushi lends a diversified texture profile, ensuring a burst of flavours to the palate,” says Chef Saito.

Smoked Salmon and Cheese by Simply Sushi

Simply Sushi doesn’t stop at this. It has invented new ways in which you can enjoy your sushi. Sushi burgers, JapadogsTM and temaki rolls are a few new ways in which you can expect to see Japanese cuisine being served here. On special request, it also crafts sushis using mame nori which are soya bean sheets.

Teriyaki Onion Hot Dog

To overcome the gruelling ceremony of eating sushi in a dark theatre, the Japanese delicacies are served in special plates (like a bento box) which makes it easy to identify and eat. Of course, you could choose to skip the movie and simply park yourself at the counter for a direct view of the chef in action.

Spicy Crab

Taking inspiration from quintessential American street food, the hotdog, Simply Sushi’s JapadogTM is a delicious Japanese twist on the classic by Chef Saito. A comfort food by nature, the JapadogTM evolves from simple mustard and relish to seaweed, wasabi and other Japanese condiments as garnishing. innovations like chicken sausage with Teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, this particular dish is the hot favourite of comfort food lovers.

Spicy Teriyaki Onions

The restaurant’s selection of temaki rolls & JapadogsTM are its signature dishes. They claim that Maki Sushi rolls are a true example of the ethos of this project, i.e. exceptional quality of raw material and emphasis on technique. This concept highlights the attention to detail and the fact that good quality is not always very expensive if the menu is crafted smartly.

Spicy Tuna

If you too have a taste for authentic Japanese food, then gather your squad and treat yourself to a cinema experience like never before at their outlets.

Teriyaki Chicken Japadog

The menu from Simply Sushi can be enjoyed at PVR Director’s Cut, select PVR Gold cinemas and at their outlet on the ground floor at Select CITYWALK, Saket.



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