Sunny Leone & Pranksters have Gala Time on Set
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The Bollywood diva, Sunny Leone is super active on social media and doesn’t mind sharing videos of the pranks she fell prey to on her shoot sets.

Sunny Leone & Pranksters

Credit: Times of India

Recently, while shooting for the new film Tera Intezaar, Sunny Leone’s team threw a snake at her. She shared the video and wrote, “My team played a prank on me on set!! @sunnyrajani @tomasmoucka mofos!!!!!!”

My team played a prank on me on set!! @sunnyrajani @tomasmoucka mofos!!!!!!

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She was reading the script when the crew members threw the snake close to her face. She instantly jumped and threw the script on the ground. She is seen screaming and running after seeing the snake.

The prank did not stop her from taking revenge. In the recent video uploaded by Sunny, she was heard saying, “Revenge is like sweet success.” She was carrying two chocolate cakes in her hand and smashed the two cakes on Sunny Rajani’s face, who had scared her by throwing a snake at her. She wrote on Twitter, “My revenge!!! Hahahahahaha @yofrankay this is what you get when you mess with me!!”

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