Sustainable yet Stylish! Cocoa Sack bags are love!

From H&M, Nike, and Asos’ vow to source 100% of all their cotton from sustainable sources by 2025 to fashion brands like McCartney and Louis Vuitton promising sustainable fashion, the trend of recycled clothing and accessories has become a rage.

Image: Hindustan Times

Liliane Estievenart, an entrepreneur from Ivory Coast brings to the world chicest bags one could ever possess. These bags are trendy yet sustainable. Forget leather bags and get ready to own a recycled cloth sack which deems to be an international hit soon.

Image: Bangkok Post

Image: Bangkok Post

These attractive and stylish bags are made of cloth sacks that the country uses to ship cocoa beans around the world. From the first bag created at the request of a clothing manufacturer, Liliane has sold at least 600 of the bags to places like Gabon, Mauritius, Togo and Ghana.