Technology causes shift in Real Estate Timelines
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Real Estate Timelines

The way of doing business has seen a remarkable shift with introduction of technology. This has been the case in Real Estate Market as well. A lot of change has been seen in the transaction process as it has become more streamlined and organised. Now it has become easier to predict delivery estimates, the way homes were built has changed and the quality of the product delivered has become much better than before. Let us have a look at how various construction processes have seen a change due to technology adoption.

  • The planning stage has seen a massive shift. With technology comes integrated scheduling. Such scheduling ensures that the design, the procurement of contract and the blueprints are part of the master schedule. Today, it has become easy to generate 3D and 7D models of the project to ensure monitoring and sustainability of the project. Softwares such as Oracle Primavera and Build Smart are available in the market to assist in the planning of the project.
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  • The second stage in the construction process is implementation. With technology, it has become easy to execute projects in more methodical fashion. One can also change various norms likes noise pollution, debris scattering, drilling and demolition as when required or according to the need of the consumer. We all are aware of the government’s project ‘Housing for All by 2022’ and to achieve that target we have to build fast. Delivery timescales can be reduced with the help of modular houses. There are factory-produced, ready-made doors available in the market that not only cover-up cracks left between the door and the frame but also look more aesthetic. We have cement substitute called dry wall panel comprising magnesium oxide, plastic and hybrid material formwork, rice husk and ash. Light-weight concrete is being substituted with CLC blockwork. Not just this, blocks are joined with adhesives as opposed to plain mortar. Real Estate has adopted different kind of plasters for the projects that are mix-ready and adhesives that can fix and hold tiles in place.

Though technology is there to ensure that the projects are completed on time. It is still very important to make sure that there are no quality loopholes.

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