Tesla rolls out its cheapest car – the Model 3!
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Elon Musk is someone who loves to shake up the market, and his company Tesla’s newest – and thus far cheapest – electric car, the Model 3, seeks to do just that! The first of the Model 3 cars has rolled off the production line and into the hands of its newest owner – Musk himself.

For a while now, Tesla has followed an interesting practice – dibs on the first model of any new Tesla car go to the first person who pays the full price of the vehicle. Musk secured that spot for the Roadster and the Model X, but missed out on the Model S. Even the Model 3 was allotted to Ira Ehrenpreis, founder of DBL Partners. But, luckily for Musk, Ehrenpreis gave up the rights to Musk as the latter’s 46th birthday present!

So what does the Model 3 bring to the table – or the road? Five seats, the tag of the most affordable Tesla (prices starting at US $35,000), and a single-motor rear-wheel-drive setup – the dual-motor setup with the ‘Ludicrous’ mode (look that up if you still don’t know what it is!) comes later. And the production schedule is very quick thanks to the simple choices on offer – you choose only the colour and wheel design, as everything else is standard!

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